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chrome goes retro

I had arrived in the City of Glass over two years earlier, still glowing from a momentary flash of fame sparked by my painting of a Hell’s Angel ascending into heaven on a bolt of chrome lightning. In those first … Continue reading

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Wherefore art thou, Chromeo?

All dressed up and nowhere to go, left stranded by Chrome for reasons unknown at the time. We were supposed to attend an art opening together, but when he arrived there he warned me I’d better dress warm…. it was … Continue reading

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In the Presence of The Lord, Revisited

Author’s Note: I’ve been looking back over my three years in Second Life for the past several weeks, and thought it might  be fun to revisit some of the posts I’ve written along the way. So, to inaugurate this series, … Continue reading

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Wild as the Wind

It’s been an interesting coupla weeks out here in the interland*. As you may recall from my previous few posts, a brushfire of sorts was started by my new friend, Karima Hoisan, who wrote a poem based on my painting … Continue reading

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