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midnight at the oasis

Camille Topaz here, reporting from deep in the heart of Splintered Rock, a spice mining outpost in a desert world full of sandworms (and other dangers, from what I hear). This desolate spot is where I chose to begin my … Continue reading

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new world jazz ensemble

Quick add: machinima of the final build… I was chatting with Keystone Bouchard yesterday morning when he mentioned a project he was launching called Architectural Jazz, which he variously described as a “public building jam session” and a “collaborative improvisational … Continue reading

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Speaking Beauty to Power, revisited

Author’s Note: This is the second in a series of blasts from the virtual past, in which I revisit some of the posts I’ve written since my first rezzable moment in SL back in 2007. Published in 2008, this one … Continue reading

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me. not him. me.

  Chrome asked me to find something to test out the visuals on this thing, so naturally I dug through my wallet and came up with my virtual passport photo. He says it looks too much like Lisbeth Salander, but … Continue reading

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caution: avatar at work

As you can see, Chrome Never Sleeps has a fresh new look. I’ll be under the hood for the next few days, poking around, tweaking, cussing and praying until she’s all chromed up and running at full speed. So…. I … Continue reading

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