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the history of persia

Chrome Underwood is one of those rare men who are impossible to refuse. Maybe it’s his potent mixture of charisma combined with bona fide artistic talent, or perhaps his innate ability to tap into the art zeitgeist of virtual worlds. … Continue reading

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identity crisis

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the limits of engagement

Isn’t living a second life through an avatar in itself a form of role playing? This, and many other questions, are now rattling around in my head about the nature and limits of living through multiple avatars after suffering through … Continue reading

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I dream, therefore I am

It was ironic that I happened to visit an important new build the other night with my friend, DB Bailey. It had been just over three years ago, at my very first opening at the late Ruttan Gallery, that he … Continue reading

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state of flux

I’m so excited to be part of the team here in the wacky, wonderful world of Chrome Underwood, where serendipity rules and the laws of physics are mere suggestions (often overruled), where entropy is in remission, last I heard. I’ll … Continue reading

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moving images

There comes a time in every avatar’s life when it’s time to move on. I had been running in neutral, just treading water, for quite some time and wasn’t at all sure what I needed to get back into gear. … Continue reading

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