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light and shadow

Wow. Love those light and shadow effects in the new SL viewer. Lots of fun to play around with, and the results are smashing. Just shot a new comic strip using them for the first time, and voila! Vanilla came … Continue reading

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full circle

By Chrome Underwood Strange how things happen. I had been asked to move my studio and gallery to make room for a So-Cal college consortium that was about to join the Santa Barbara City College education community inworld, and since … Continue reading

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on the road (again)

By Mick Brady Writing a memoir is like climbing the Matterhorn. It’s a hell of a long haul to get to the top,  but when you do, you get to sit around the campfire and tell all yer wildest of … Continue reading

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start spreading the news

By Quintessential Flux An exciting moment for me, actually: finally made it into the comic strip, and all it took was a few choice musings on the term “meme”, a word originally coined by Richard Dawkins in his book The … Continue reading

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in living colour: Fiona Leitner

By Persia Bravin Dutch artist Fiona Leitner is a woman who glorifies colour in her work. Her exuberant, vivid, and usually massive canvases feature multi-layered composite snapshots of SecondLife™ locations and sculptures which are almost rendered unrecognisable due to heavy … Continue reading

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