the cherrybomb explosion


Looking back on things, I now see that since that day two years ago when I first began to stumble around in here as a brand-spankin’newbie, much of my internal and external landscape has shifted a bit. As a longtime digital artist in rl, I knew I had fallen upon something unusual; but it would take a few years to grasp just how extraordinary it really was.

It was a wonderland for those who had eyes to see it, one with few apparent limitations – an intoxicating brew for an artist. But it would take time and experimentation to gain any real sense of what it would be like to actually push the envelope of creativity, spanning time and space (both virtual and real), leaping tall buildings in a single bound, as it were. The only kryptonite in my new virtual home, it seemed, was something natives referred to as ‘lag.’

Then, a few months ago, Botgirl Questi and I began to explore the idea of collaborating on a creative project of some sort in Second Life and/or Real Life. Initially we focused on creating a comic book or graphic novel together, but the more we talked, the more projects we bumped into, and before long one or two became three or four, and then suddenly we saw that something unique was beginning to emerge.

We found the one thing that would enable us to create a multi-dimensional, multi-personal, multimedia work: a grand piece of fiction we could tease to life and watch unfold through a whole mess a’media. We were going to be singers in a rock and roll band. The band, cherrybomb, was born.

As we see this thing, it will happen on several levels and stretch out over both worlds. The band has already begun rehearsing, as you can see in the photo above, and will record its first original song later this month in the ‘real world.’ There is a music video in the works, a comic book, and at some point perhaps, a live performance or two. You will be able to follow their adventures here on a regular basis, and on Botgirl Lives, where, coincidentally, the new video is waiting.

Like the man said, this place is only limited by your imagination. Let’s see just how far that is.

Photo, above: cherrybomb at their first rehearsal in Second Life; from left to right, Botgirl Questi, bass; Fourworlds Ra, rhythm guitar; Camille Topaz, lead guitar; Chrome Underwood, drums.

Author’s Note: Cherrybomb’s new video is now showing on the Second Best music video channel on vimeo. Check it out.

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  1. sandra742 says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  2. Chrome says:

    I love when that happens!! So nice to hear from you, Sandra; please stop by again! :-)

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