I’m just a singer in a virtual band…..


Btw, did I mention that I’m a rock star?

Well, yeah, a virtual one, true enough… but there is far more than meets the eye (and ear) when you add that qualifier – in fact, that is the very point I’ll be making at the SIGGRAPH conference in a few weeks. The advent of our new virtual band, cherrybomb, has had a big impact on my thinking in recent days, and has finally allowed me to begin to formulate a more coherent view of the use and meaning of technology in the arts. Until the band was launched, I tended to view each medium, each genre, each tool, as an individual entity. I knew that many of them could be running in tandem, even simultaneously, but they were still distinct and separate in my mind. Now I see them more like threads in a tapestry, and the membranes that separate the realities and identities within them as permeable and fluid. And, no, I’m not having an acid flashback. At least not yet.

Botgirl and I are pursuing similar goals with cherrybomb, but with perhaps slightly different emphases; she is primarily interested in exploring “the truth that lives within the fuzzy border between fact and fiction”, using a powerful array of tools and talents to “deconstruct our normal experience of reality. ” I, on the other hand, am fascinated by the dazzling synthesis of ideas, identities and human expression in this unprecedented trans-reality, trans-media milieu we find ourselves swimming in. We’ve obliterated time and space by extending our minds into a new cast of shimmering self-entities…  holy grail, Botgirl, we are on the threshold of a dream! (speaking of flashbacks)

I began this journey in search of art; along the way I seem to have fallen through the looking glass.

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