cherrybomb logo unleashed


Finally came up with a new logo for the band, after wrestling with it most of the weekend; designing logos, apparently, is not much like riding a bicycle. Though once a professional designer, it took me a few days to re-orient all those brain cells to the task of twisting letters and images into something that didn’t explode in every direction – in spite of all its cherrybombness. It had to stay together just long enough to capture the message and get it across to that mythical consumer. So, I thought the abstract notion of explosion would work just fine, and the cherry – well, hell, how can you screw up a cherry?

Got it done in good time for another reason as well…. Xaviar Thunders, the man behind the XTC line of leather clothing in Second Life, had heard about the band and contacted us about his idea of starting a new line of cherrybomber leather jackets – an offer we simply couldn’t refuse. So, look for the new jackets hitting the streets before long, new logo and all, at his chain of stores. We’ll keep you posted on that one, and will provide you with the slurl when the big day arrives.

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