Beauty and Desire


Two of the panels from one of my latest projects, the graphic novel Chromium and Juliette, about the power of human love unleashed in a virtual world, loosely based on the Shakespeare play and the Pygmalion myth of ancient Greece; a mixture of literary fiction and virtual autobiography. Large format versions of these panels are also currently on exhibit at the Kelly Yap Gallery, along with the work of a number of Second Life artists, all focusing on the theme, Beauty. The opening reception is scheduled for Saturday, September 5th, from 8pm to 9pm; the exhibit runs through the month.

Visit Beauty at the Kelly Yap Gallery in Second Life:

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2 Responses to Beauty and Desire

  1. Seraphine says:

    oh beautiful photoshop work! i love those panels.
    i made a note to go visit the gallery. Thanks!

  2. Chrome says:

    thankyouthankyouthankyou seraphine i love them too :-)

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