Je suis un artiste, I guess.


New show opening tomorrow at the Paris-based PiRats Art Network in SL, along with a number of other artists from around the globe slash metaverse. This particular gallery, a cluster of platforms reaching up into the sky, is one of my faves; I just happen to be one of those artists who feel that art without walls is a visual delight, and in a virtual world, what the hell are walls for, anyway? They do provide a modicum of security for some activities (wink, wink), but to be able to hang a painting on a cloud, well… that just tickles my fancy. I feel like that little boy sitting up there on the moon, fishing for, umm…. starfish?

And, yes, that is the lamp from the film A Christmas Story sitting in my studio. It warms my heart whenever I come back from a hard day in the pixel mines.

The exhibit will be held at the Omega Art Gallery from October 13 to November 7, and will include work by Chrome Underwood, Saiwun Yoshikawa, Maylis Lutrova, tshirtkikill Straaf, Got Pizzaro, Chris Hill AKA Curt Kongo, Van Caerndow, Andromeda Klees, Pixels Sideways, mitou Waco, Igor Ballyhoo, Solkide Auer, shellina Winkler and Art Box ( Frankie Rockett & Violet Sweetwater). Opening from 1pm SLT, Tuesday, October 13.

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2 Responses to Je suis un artiste, I guess.

  1. Seraphine says:

    oh i know art box! i love them.
    if they are part of the show,
    it *has* to be a good.
    myself, i like boxes. the whole
    world is a box, it’s just that
    nature doesn’t square the edges
    like the rest of us do.

  2. Chrome says:

    I agree, seraphine; art box (r) good. love ’em. one can never have too much whimsy in one’s lives. speaking of boxes, tho, perhaps you’d like to see one of my art cubes….. (smiles)

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