They say it’s your birthday….


A tribute to Birthday, a painting by Marc Chagall, by Art Box, at the PiRats Art Network’s Omega Gallery. Art Box is a group of Second Life artists who create “detailed three dimensional sets, each recreating scenes in homage to famous works of art, in a virtual world setting.” Posing for the ‘painting’ above are Camille and her friend, Manhattan Atlas. To really appreciate this, google the original painting.

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3 Responses to They say it’s your birthday….

  1. Seraphine says:

    art box makes amazing sets. i spent one whole evening trying all the different ‘paintings’ that they set up. some even come with clothing and other props.

  2. Chrome says:

    they are so cool; I love art that hasn’t forgotten how to have fun.

  3. Seraphine says:

    yeah, some art is entirely too serious.
    and its great that art can be interactive too. i mean, who said art has to hang on a wall or sit on a plate?

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