Adiós, mi buen año


Well, it sure has been a wild year, in a virtual sense… the campaign to launch my virtual art into the concrete jungles of the real world has begun, with the production of the first limited edition print by the giclee masters at Nash Editions in Los Angeles, as mentioned in a previous post.

Another piece of news is the completion of my new inworld gallery, containing many of my recent works, including several comic book pages. The collection will grow and change, of course, as more new work is completed, keeping the collection continually renewed, fresh and interesting. That’s a night time view of the nearly-completed gallery above.

Also have been working on a new online gallery with links to many of the activities and projects I’m currently involved in, including the band Cherrybomb and several upcoming machinima films. The coming year looks like it will be a real adventure, and for all of us virtual artists who are heading into the real world, I have a sense that the timing couldn’t be better. The world is waiting for us. Hope to see you all there.

Feliz Año Nuevo, mis amigos.

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