Vanilla added…..

Hey, got a new sidekick… the luscious, and purely organic, Vanilla Titanium. She joined our creative team recently and has already made her debut over at mojozone. She is highly cultured – a former intellectual, in fact, and like many before her she cut her teeth on Kafka, Sartre, Camus and the like, but now prefers to read comic books. She’s a master of traditional woodblock printing, drives a beat up old pickup truck with a big box of Japanese woodcutting tools in the back, and she can rock and mock at the same time, so watch out, boys…

Regarding her striking hairdo, someone asked her today if she could get the Discovery Channel with it. Her response was, well, no, actually, none of the channels she received were terrestrial. hmmm…. that last name, Titanium; she may very well be from another world. Who knows?

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