OK Computer, or The Nine Lives of Thom Yorke

The year is 1998. Thom Yorke, lead singer for the rock band Radiohead, sits exhausted in the hallway of a Tokyo hotel. He’s nearing the end of a promotional tour for his new album, OK Computer, and director Grant Gee is recording his every move for the documentary film, Meeting People is Easy. In this scene he’s also being shot by a swarm of Japanese photographers, looking for all the world like a man standing in front of a firing squad. In a sense, he is.

Two of the photos taken at that instant become the basis of a magazine spread. Tracing it from the beginning, this is the journey those images have taken through the maze of media that make up our postmodern lives…

1. The Real Moment occurs.

2. Japanese photographers capture his image in that moment.

3. Grant Gee’s cameramen capture both Thom and the photographers.

4. In the interim, two of the photos become part of a magazine spread.

5. The film containing the magazine spread is shown on the Independent Film Channel.

6. I photograph the televised image of the magazine spread with my iPhone.

7. I upload the photo to my laptop.

8. I then upload the image to the virtual world of Second Life.

9. I place the image on a virtual canvas and hang it on the virtual wall of my virtual studio, then sit back in my virtual Eames chair and listen to OK Computer while reveling in the wonders of modern technology. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

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4 Responses to OK Computer, or The Nine Lives of Thom Yorke

  1. Nell says:

    I love this piece, dad. A great description of the fractalization of one moment in time via modern technology. Well done!

  2. Chrome says:

    Why, thank you, Nellie.. as a fellow Radioheadhead, I had a sneaking suspicion we might be sharing that wavelength. Btw, I loved the word ‘fractalization’ so much I’ve already put it in a little box by my desk; saving it for the perfect moment. :)

  3. Chrome… this rocks!!! WOW!!
    I agree with Nell… you definitely have a great mind for describing and storytelling like no one I know… and I can’t wait to hear how you use “fractalization” :)))

  4. Chrome says:

    awww, thank ya, Gracie; must be the Irish blarney section of my DNA. and yes, I will be keeping my eyes wide open for that perfect moment. :)

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