The Light Brothers On the Road

It has been many a Linden moon since Chrome and his twin brother, Manhattan, known collectively as The Light Brothers, had gotten together. They lead such busy second lives, you see; there just hasn’t been much room for family get-togethers. Today, though, on a quiet Sunday morning, they decided to hook up, if only for an hour or so, and catch up on old news, new shoes, and the state of the Metaverse. Busy boys.

They decided to meet at Waterhead and, not being big nature lovers, eschewed the nearby trails and explored some of the local roads by cowboy boot instead. Initially, they had intended to take a long ride in Chrome’s vintage WWII army jeep, but for some reason the owner of the land wouldn’t allow them to rez the vehicle. “Protected Land,” it said. Some guy named Linden, I think. God, what a jerk. What the hell are roads for?

One topic of discussion during the long march was the possibility of getting back together again as The Light Brothers. Chrome, the popular writer/artist, and Manhattan, the gypsy musician/photographer, had previously collaborated on a conceptual piece called Crash Landing, a minimalist interpretation of the flying saucer incident in Roswell, New Mexico. It was called ‘conceptual’ because it only happened in their own minds. They’re very avant garde, you know.

The day concluded by each of them sinking his teeth into the other’s neck and drinking about a pint of blood; an old ritual of theirs, which also happened only in their minds, because they actually have no blood. That’s also why they decided not to call themselves The Blood Brothers.

Seen in photo above: Manhattan on the left, and Chrome to the right. Photo by the photographer. Click image to see full size.

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