one for the road

I thought I had decided to stop exhibiting for a while. All of my paintings had been shown more than once, and I hadn’t been in the studio for several months, having been all wrapped up in launching my comic strip, and then lost in the details of building a new website. It was time to get back to work.

So, when Merlina Rokocoko IM’d me the other day and asked if I would participate in the premier exhibit of Pirats‘ new gallery, Linkers, I hesitated for a moment. After all, I had made a decision and thought I should stick to it. Of course, I hadn’t taken into account the persuasive powers of Merlina, a virtual force of nature.

After I had hung my work, though, I received a nice surprise: the new poster for the show (below) included my painting, Sleeping Beauty, as the background. Quite an honor to play backup for a great looking group of artists: Fuschia Nightfire, Maryva Mayo, Dulcis Taurog and Tani Thor. The show starts today, but unfortunately I’ll be in Los Angeles. That’s Real Life.

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