Metaverse Art Anthology

Proud to say that I’ve been included in a recent anthology, entitled Metaverse Art, by Josina Burgess, aka Jose Den Burger of Amsterdam, Holland; Velazquez Bonetto, aka Laszlo Ordogh Diabolus of Stuttgart, Germany; and Nazz Lane from the USA. It is part of a series of books on the subject by the authors, who are also the co-founders of the Cybernetic Art Research Project (CARP) at ArtSpace Diabolus in Second Life. CARP has been a pioneer in the field of experimental art installation in the metaverse, and has contributed significantly to the dissemination of knowledge and understanding of art in immersive virtual environments to the world at large.

The text of the publication consists of the artists’ own words, which were submitted in response to a length questionnaire, and as Josina says in the foreword, they are not edited… so you get to hear the artists voices as well as see their art. SomeĀ  of the other artists included in the anthology are Alizarin Goldflake, Artistide Despres, Dale Innis and freewee Ling. Another great job, guys.

You can purchase the book here.

You can see the CARP photo collection here.

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