My fifteen minutes of fame

Wow. This is amazing. Chrome actually loosened his grip on this blog site and graciously (though belatedly) allowed me to jot down my own thoughts here. Interesting, because I know for a fact that he was confronted by a very good friend recently about his intellectual and artistic perfectionism, and advised to lighten up a bit, goddam it! and join the neohuman race. Love ya, Mr. Underwood. :)

That’s a photo of me at the staging platform high above his gallery at Avant Garde, where he’s been assembling some of his new work, which includes 3-dimensional walk-through versions of his comic strips, and a new form he calls ‘microcomics‘, in which he tries to capture an entire mood, idea and even a hint of narrative in a single image.

I happen to appear in many of these new microcomics, for some reason, so I thought I’d stop by and check them out. Hey, I havta tell ya, I could get used to seeing my face the size of a billboard; makes me feel like a movie star. I might even begin angling for an extra five or ten minutes of this fame thing. It sure would be a nice gesture by the new, looser and freer, Chrome Underwood, dontcha think?

The work above is being prepared for the upcoming show at Caerleon, the Ambiguity of Identity, which opens in September. Details to follow.

About Camille Topaz

A good friend of Chrome's and a member of his art team. I appear in his comic strips, and often in his paintings. Once a member of the rock band Cherrybomb, now a proud member of Onyx and Topaz, an exotic Middle Eastern dance duo.
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