If avatars could cry….

Visited the World Trade Center Memorial in Second Life this morning, and stood on the fringes of a crowd of fellow avatars who had come to honor and remember the 2,927 human beings who were lost on this day, exactly nine years earlier. One could only hope that the human race might have found a way to make their world a little more user-friendly by now, but from all reports it is still a pretty dangerous place. Alas, the waves from that tragic event still circle the planet. Today I can even feel them in here.

The slurl for the WTC Memorial: http://slurl.com/secondlife/New%20York%20NYC/54/211/22

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A good friend of Chrome's and a member of his art team. I appear in his comic strips, and often in his paintings. Once a member of the rock band Cherrybomb, now a proud member of Onyx and Topaz, an exotic Middle Eastern dance duo.
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