dancing with cats

In some ways, it turned out to be much more than a kickass party: it not only marked the opening of a great exhibit, but it signified the end of nearly a year of close interaction among a group of exceptional, adventurous and exceedingly generous creative spirits. So much had happened over those months.. there were countless hours of brainstorming, pondering and deep discussion, spiced with some of the best wit and humor ever to grace a chat log. Many of us became good friends during the journey and, gods willing, will have a chance to renew and extend those friendships on future projects.

We also had our share of obstacles to overcome, though, and hurdles to crawl under; at times the show itself hung by a mere thread. Let’s face it, getting twenty or so artists to come together for that length of time working toward the same goal was about as close to herding cats as you’d ever want to get. There were unavoidable delays in terms of the availability of the sim, a transition of leadership, a missed chance to synchronize the show with its real world counterpart and, ultimately, sheer fatigue as the goal posts kept being moved forward. I had nearly given up a few times myself; looking back from here, though, I’m glad I hung in there.

All of that and more was celebrated at this event; and from what I could see, there wasn’t a dry virtual eye in the place.

In the photo above: lots of avatars, dancing under the dome of the new Caerleon Museum of Identity.

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