Do Avatars Sleep?

Well, they appear to when their master mind is afk; but I would suggest that it is akin to the sleep of zombies; ie, a mere momentary suspension of activities. It occurred to me the other night, though, while watching an episode of True Blood, that avatars may have more in common with vampires. They don’t breathe, they have no blood, they don’t age and can theoretically live forever, and occasionally even have fangs; hey, one even bit me on the neck the other night on Help Island. I brushed off the bite marks and the invitation to the vampire ball, but it started me thinking.

As I said in my latest post on mikimojo, one of my favorite pastimes is to shoot pictures of Things I Found on Television, so I’m having a mini-exhibit of some of my faves. I took this painterly masterpiece during the fourth episode of my favorite vampire fantasy on HBO. In this scene Bill grabs Sookie and runs out the back door of Fangtasia, the big vamp club in N’Orleans right after the cops burst in through the front.

Click image to see full size

Tuesday…. oops. Fangtasia is in Shreveport. How utterly stupid of me.

Wednesday… By the way, can an avatar see itself in a mirror? I’m gonna have to go check that one out.

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