Living the good lives

Since I seem to have spent as much time creating avatars lately as I have creating art (actually, I consider the avatar an artform in itself, but that’s another post), I’ve decided to switch gears for a little while and drop in on some of those celestial beings who grace my blogs, my comic strips and my paintings – i.e., my alts.

While I’m at it I might also touch upon their individual tastes and idiosyncrasies (if they don’t object), as well as the delicate subject of what it’s like to be a multi-gender, multi-personality artist in a virtual world… all in good time. I haven’t been in much of a hurry lately for some reason; moments have become larger and richer and I seem to be reluctant to leave them. (Proust may have been in search of lost time, but I seem to have found it.)

In the photo above, Vanilla Titanium in one of her latest incarnations (click to enlarge)

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