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Quin, visiting my new show at the Criss Museum of Contemporary Art in slĀ (click to enlarge).. it’s actually kind of a ‘greatest hits’ show (not old enough for a retrospective yet), which includes a selection of pre- and post-sl work. It may very well be the last one I have for a while; I’ve been experimenting with new forms, and will have to produce a new body of work before I hit the streets again. Just for the record, the text on the sign next to Quin reads, in part:

“All of the images in this show are purely digital in origin. My work is based on the fusion of many components, cannibalized and recycled from a variety of sources, including what I call ‘found imagery’, my own art works, and that of the past masters. Roughly half the pieces in this show are derived exclusively from Second Life and focus on the avatar in all its ‘seeming’ humanity. The other half, well, it’s like the 20th century thrown into a blender.”

The Criss Museum of Contemporary Art slurl:

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