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When I logged on to Second Life yesterday I found a notecard from Karima Hoisan, a well-known SL poet, containing a copy of her latest poem, Then It All Goes Bang!,  inspired by one of my digital paintings, Bang! (seen above), currently on exhibit at the Criss MOCA. I must admit it’s a pretty heady experience to glimpse  one of your own paintings through the prism of another artist’s eyes.

When I contacted Karima to thank her I learned the story of how that poem came to be, and wound up chatting about how one visual spark can start a verbal fire and create a backdraft, blowing heat and light back to the source of the spark. The poem actually revamped my view of my own work, giving it kind of a new inner glow.

Apparently Karima has that effect on a lot of people. After hearing her read her poetry recently, Happiness Merryman wrote, “Karima Hoisan’s poetry, read to music, is indeed a buffet of… food for your soul. When I first heard Karima read her work, I was in tears. Her words enter like lightning and open your eyes, to see ‘what others do not see.’  I felt seen into, as Rilke has it.” Magic indeed.

Karima will be introducing the poem at her next appearance at Galaxy Isle, a not-for-profit sim aimed at heightening awareness of the impact of virtual worlds on hospitalized people. The reading will be held in the chapel venue at ground level this Wednesday, November 3 at 7pm SLT.

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  1. Great poetry inspired by great art…does it get any better than that? Congratulations to both of you :)

  2. Chrome says:

    It just got better. Thanks for that, Scott… :-)

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