The Explore It! educational sim will open its doors in Second Life this Saturday… as reported by Chestnut Rau in her picks of the week on New World Notes today. As she notes in her post, “The village was created by an all star cast including DB Bailey, Keystone Bouchard, Desdemona Enfield, and Douglas Story working along with several other talented content creators.” The additional creators she is referring to are…. Flimsey Freenote (video trailer), Hildo Diavlo (website development), Zil Jewell (Project Coordinator), Persia Bravin (Press and Promotion), and…. remember all that stuff about building 21 avatars in 34 days? Yep, that was me.

The Explore It! project is an innovative way to provide high school students with a glimpse into some of the career choices ahead of them, a way to give them some advance insight which will not only help them to make those tough career decisions, but to provide it early enough to help them chart their course before they enter college – ensuring they get the proper educational foundation for a particular career. It should prove to be a challenging and valuable experience for the students, as well as a great help for high school faculty and advisors. They will get a preview of Culinary Arts, Automotive, Environmental Horticulture, Hotel Management and Multimedia careers.

The official launch of the Explore It! project in Second Life will take place this Saturday, Nov 6, from 11am to 3pm, festivities to  include music by DJ Allenclive Beaumont, as well as live performances by HatHead Rickenbacker, Aubryn Melody and Bones Writer. Come on down and join the party!

To reach the Explore It! sim: SLurl teleport at this link.

The Technical Pathways the project has been designed will provide students with a sense of what they might experience in careers in the fields of Culinary Arts, Automotive, Environmental Horticulture, Hotel Management and Multimedia.

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