is not of the substance of elements.
It is an organism, indivisibly
by elementary objects of a divergent character:
if you
were to attempt division, these parts
would die.

for instance: an entire dramatic company.

Enter an ancestor, prophetic;
enter a hero, brutal
a rake, alcoholic, to argue
with a learned professor.
A lyrical beauty, rolling her eyes
heavenward, a case
of chronic infatuation —
enter a heavy father,
to take care of that.
enter a liberal uncle — to arbitrate. . . .
Aunt Chatterbox gossiping in a corner.
Chambermaid Lewdie, giggling.

And I, watching it all,
astonishment in my eyes.
Poised, in my left hand
a sharpened pencil.

A pregnant woman!, a mother
is planning
her entrance —
Shushhh! you
don’t belong here
are divisible!
She fades.

– Paul Klee, Some Poems by Paul Klee (Translated by Anselm Hollo)

.   .   .   .   .   .   .

Above: Ad Parnassum by Paul Klee, 1932

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2 Responses to Individuality

  1. Karima says:

    Love this!!
    Reminds me of so many I know and some quite well from the inside out…*smiles
    The beauty of Second LIfe is the whole repertory can be in daily theatre, kicking up their heels in changing pastures as well as personas.
    So glad you brought this to your page to share Chrome.
    Paul Klee would be one incredibly multi-faceted avatar(and maybe he is..who knows?) but I know others who already are. here..smiles again

  2. Chrome says:

    You are so right, Karima.
    Intoxicated by light and color and living in childlike wonder, Paul Klee really was a kind of advanced avatar, exploring those worlds in his own mind… leading the way for those of us fortunate enough to teleport in his footsteps. Thanks for that, with a smile.

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