Then It All Goes Bang!

.   .   .
A poem for the painting “Bang” by Chrome Underwood
.   .   .
Then it all goes Bang!
The ingredients get switched..
the exploding seeds of  faraway forest floors,
release pungent reminders of peach petaled births of pyramids mixed with dried -brown crumbling decay..
All the while at the very bottom
of my thoughts,
a repeating melody that the notes
play and play..
ripped out of their context,
the words like sharps and flats find harmony  in the splashed chaos of starting over
The  Garden of Eden… minutes after
the first frightening make-over blast.
Banana green morphs to yellow corn stalks, now  as the dust and silt blow out of the way, I see as never before what it all could mean.. how we can bathe in everything while eating it all in through our eyes,nourishing new organs that begin to pop out in some genome of our  future days.
We  still whirl and float and decompose and mold and then
up from the ground we spring renewed again,
the music always below us..always above us. The precarious planets and stars trying out new formations like orbital dancing bears and constellations of  haze and myth perhaps  stained in pastels  by our  organic earthy shrapnel.
Poems  attach to open hearts that beat in a limp with them inside,
All eyes are on  each others’ as we focus in surprise.
How many times will it take to get it right?
and then it all goes Bang!
.   .   .
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