Wild as the Wind

It’s been an interesting coupla weeks out here in the interland*. As you may recall from my previous few posts, a brushfire of sorts was started by my new friend, Karima Hoisan, who wrote a poem based on my painting Bang!, giving me a fresh view of the work itself. After mentioning that backdraft of inspiration in one of my blogs, Karima asked me if I’d like to try creating something from one of her poems. I said, Hell, yeah! She chose a poem about a fiery stampede set loose upon the world, apocalyptic in all its thundering fury and yet containing a sense of relief at tumultuous inner forces finally having been set free. This is the poem:

Galloping Horses
for D. R.

Now the ending ends,
all words exchanged, the gate latched,
they are not wanted back,
those galloping horses, galloping away

Columns of flames, oranging the onyx sky, cobalt blue
Running riderless. unsaddled, reins askew
crossing river rapids in one  moon-glazed splash
wild whinnying with  their heads thrown back
trampling just about  everything in their path.
The gate now padlocked securely latched,
they are not ever wanted back,
those galloping horses galloping away,
their long black manes, sparks flying,
while the bridges are burning behind them.

Karima Hoisan
April 25, 2009
San Jose, Costa Rica

.   .   .   .   .   .   .

Above: the painting, entitled War Paint (click to enlarge; the bigger it gets the brighter it gets:)

*interland: a new world brought about by the intertwining of two existing worlds. at least, that’s what I call it.

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3 Responses to Wild as the Wind

  1. Bellaluna says:

    Chrome, you’ve outdone yourself! This painting is just breathtaking and truly captures the sentiments of Karima’s poem. I cannot wait to see it in her new publication.

    Such wonderful talent you have!

    Best regards,
    Bellaluna Galaxy

  2. Karima says:

    Chrome, this, your visionary painting from my poem is astounding.. so very beautiful and desperate and throbbing all at the same time.It’s brilliant and I am not tossing this word around lightly. I was so moved by it, moved to tears, and actually I can feel the movement, the pounding of the hooves, the incredible power as it nearly leaps from the frame into my own subconscious again. I would not be surprised *smiling here, if it does not inspire another totally different poem in me again…and so the circle remains circling.
    a painting inspired a poem
    a poem inspired a painting
    that inspired a poem..
    It is what we can do best in a virtual creative playground which, in our case,
    is Second Life
    play and create and share together
    How wonderful indeed!
    I will treasure this image always

  3. Chrome says:


    I’ve been without internet service down here in the California desert for the past 18 hours or so… but then, reading your comments when I logged on felt like coming home. :)

    Bella: thank you for those uplifting words. I have to agree with you, though, and not in an egotistical way; I think something different happened here. I would say that there is a spiritual dimension to this one that I hadn’t quite experienced before. So, I will humbly accept your praise and pass it on. :)

    Karima: you certainly have a way with words… or, should I say that words have their way with you? it is a mystery. you tap into the deepest of currents and bring back these living, breathing poem-songs that feel like they’ve been here all along. how do you do that? :-)

    ..and yes, I’d have to agree; this circle may very well keep turning.

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