What Big Fins You Have, My Dear

Avatar-shopping at Tekeli-li!, the main source for the ingenious work of Tekelili Tantalus, a Second Life artist and designer specializing in bizarre and intricate wearables inspired by dark fantasy themes. Beginning several Linden years ago in a small gallery, she continued to expand her artistic empire, recently culminating in her magnum opus, the Hollow Earth sim, where this, the main store, can be found.  <Tekeli-li! Hollow Earth (67, 197, 41)>

Click image to see full size

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One Response to What Big Fins You Have, My Dear

  1. Sal Morales says:

    Nice shot…haven’t seen her around. This is another example of the creative designs that are unfortunately hidden away inside little Second Life shops. If not for your virtual insomnia, much of it would go unnoticed.

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