New Show Opens at Ruttan Gallery

Worked well into the night and up early this morning, setting up the first inworld exhibit of my digital paintings, to be held at the Ruttan Gallery in Cetus all this month. Until just over a year ago I had been quietly working in my studio; scanning, photographing, drawing, painting, sampling, etc. – doing my digital thing – when I got the call.

Asked to join a team that would create a virtual campus for the Santa Barbara City College, I immediately said hell yes, and a few days later walked through the magic mirror into Second Life, thus beginning my virtual existence as Chrome Underwood and, simultaneously, changing my first life forever. And, as of today, thus beginning my virtual art career.

While primarily abstract in nature, these works nevertheless contain elements of… well, look, something for everybody…. snippets of cars rusting in the Mojave Desert, a sample from a Kandinsky painting here, graffiti from the streets of Manhattan there, a scrap of an old drawing – all thrown into the blender and whipped into a pretty heady digital meringue. A veritable digital patchwork quilt show.

But, you know,  when you think about it, the flexibility of digital imaging is actually pretty amazing. Many of these images, for instance, already exist as large scale canvases and have been exhibited around So-Cal; some are now in personal collections; some hang on the walls of my Santa Barbara home.  Several of them were even displayed on large hi-def flat-screen TVs in a national exhibit at the Butler Institute of American Art. For a more casual viewing, you can also see them at my flckr gallery.

I’d also like to express my sincere thanks to Xander Ruttan and his staff, Alexxa Laval & Jonah Zenovka, for their professional expertise and immense patience during the setup. The show looks fabulous.

Visit Ruttan Gallery during the month of October and see the digital paintings of Chrome Underwood

Photo, above: Chrome at Ruttan Gallery. Click to see full-size image.

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2 Responses to New Show Opens at Ruttan Gallery

  1. Chrome: I greet you at the beginning of a great career…

  2. admin says:

    …and your greeting is graciously accepted. Fitting, as well, that you should be the first.

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