Wherefore art thou, Chromeo?

All dressed up and nowhere to go, left stranded by Chrome for reasons unknown at the time. We were supposed to attend an art opening together, but when he arrived there he warned me I’d better dress warm…. it was a wintry scene set deep in a pine forest, where we’d be sitting around a blazing campfire in hopes of staying warm and dry – a setting preferred mostly by humans who live in Florida and California. I didn’t mind one bit. I rummaged through my closet and came up with the warmest outfit I could find, and then waited… and waited… and waited. As it turns out, just as my metaman arrived at the event, someone rang the doorbell back on planet earth.

Chrome was left standing like a statue in the snow, while I was waiting for a taxi which would never come. Humans are an unpredictable lot, I must say, which makes for a virtual life filled with twists and turns, stops and starts, and sometimes even a blank screen, our equivalent of the existential void. In all honesty, though, my poor mortal is in the midst of selling his house and can’t always pander to my every whim and fancy. Not to mention that he was also building an ark to prepare for the rising floodwaters in Southern California. They don’t seem to have much control over the elements there.

On the bright side, though, when he finally returned to the keyboard he found me standing there, seemingly oblivious to a griefer attack hammering the island all around me, and he had the presence of mind to preserve that moment in a screen capture (seen above; click to enlarge). Kind of a dizzying glimpse into the magical madness of the metaverse, dontcha think? Weather comes in many forms, ya know.

About Camille Topaz

A good friend of Chrome's and a member of his art team. I appear in his comic strips, and often in his paintings. Once a member of the rock band Cherrybomb, now a proud member of Onyx and Topaz, an exotic Middle Eastern dance duo.
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4 Responses to Wherefore art thou, Chromeo?

  1. Karima says:

    Oh poor Camille!
    Is there anything worse than being left looking lovely(great jacket sweetie) while a griefer is attacking (quite a virulent one I noticed when I enlarged the picture*rolls eyes)
    Hope your metaman is worth it and I think I understand you…those brilliant. clever, artist types usually are.

  2. Chrome says:

    Yes, Karima, it’s tough for an avatar at times; esp for those sensitive ones among us when trapped in a bubble of crude, as Camille was. In this case, fortunately, vanity seems to have overpowered grief.

    Regarding her metaman, I believe there may be a conflict of interest here, so I’ll withhold comment. :)

  3. Thirza says:

    I don’t say dump him Camille, but you might want to send Chrome this link:
    hint hint. After all, it is that time of the year.

  4. Camille says:

    haha. love it. great holiday hint you’ve provided here, Thirza, but the big lug was too wrapped up in his own artsy comings and goings to even stop by and check his comments section. I’m gonna be all over him about this.. :-)

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