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Quick add: machinima of the final build…

I was chatting with Keystone Bouchard yesterday morning when he mentioned a project he was launching called Architectural Jazz, which he variously described as a “public building jam session” and a “collaborative improvisational event”. The idea was to bring in any object  you felt comfortable rezzing – with full permissions – and then anyone else can pick it up and riff on it, building whatever pure whimsy or divine inspiration provides.

He then invited me over to participate.

Now, as many of you know, I barely have the chops required to build a stretched canvas, let alone a free standing piece of architecture. Not fully understanding how I might fit in, I asked just what was it I would be expected to do. His response was brief: “Do what you do best.” Naturally, as a lifelong jazz lover with a penchant for adventure, I said, “Natch, man; groovy.” Or something to that effect.

When I arrived at Architecture Island, there were just a few buildings and trees scattered around with a large square of land marked off with what looked like gigantic blue painter’s tape. I alighted in the square and began to rez some of my 3D comics. Within a few minutes a flock of builders arrived and Keystone and his friends began to play. Love to watch artists at work, but seeing my own art whirl and twirl and get whipped into one amazing confection after another was a new kind of thrill. I was bedazzled.

The building spree will run until tomorrow, Friday, at 10am, and a machinima of the final creation will be published on ArchVirtual sometime soon after the project ends. If you want to run over there and throw some prims around, see the slurl below. This event, btw, is dedicated to the memory of the late Kurt Rehder, who helped organize the Ctrl Shift 07 design competition. Enjoy.

Photos (click to enlarge) from the top: Keystone and friends begin to improvise from the 3D comic textures; finally, a whole new world appears, a brilliant combination of art and architecture given form by a dizzying digital building frenzy, jazz riffing on a whole new scale.

Visit the project at:

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  1. Awesome post! Thanks again for contributing so much to the build! It wouldn’t have been the same if you hadn’t kick-started it with your incredible work.

    btw, I updated the machinima – the new link is here:

    See you in-world!

  2. Chrome says:

    Thanks, Jon…. I really appreciate the invitation to participate. My initial hesitation was due to the fact that I had forgotten that in a virtual world we are primarily creatives, and aren’t necessarily limited to our job titles. :)

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