midnight at the oasis

Camille Topaz here, reporting from deep in the heart of Splintered Rock, a spice mining outpost in a desert world full of sandworms (and other dangers, from what I hear). This desolate spot is where I chose to begin my career as a belly dancer, as a member of the exotic dancing duo known as Onyx and Topaz.  Today we launched our virtual world tour with an hour of sexy and sultry dance moves before a rowdy (and very warm) crowd of spice miners and assorted rugged survivors of the dunes.

In spite of a few brief techno-glitches at the beginning of the set, we soon found ourselves grooving to the beat of some of the finest contemporary Middle Eastern dance music – primarily North African – with the crowd joining in and feeling the beat along with the heat. It was the desert, after all, and we did light their fire, to be quite frank. They say it’s a dry heat, but I could swear I could feel the steam rising throughout the performance…. but maybe it was just me. :)

Finally, my humble gratitude and appreciation to my sister and fellow dancer, Onyx (known also as Karima Hoisan, poet extraordinaire and a real belly dancer from the land of Jordan), for allowing me to join her in this intoxicating endeavor. Many thanks to Darren Green, sim owner and Chief Constable, and all the other colorful characters at Splintered Rock for the very warm welcome and a chance to test our wings. How exhilarating to learn how to fly. :)

Photo, above: Topaz and Onyx dance in the heat of the desert.

About Camille Topaz

A good friend of Chrome's and a member of his art team. I appear in his comic strips, and often in his paintings. Once a member of the rock band Cherrybomb, now a proud member of Onyx and Topaz, an exotic Middle Eastern dance duo.
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2 Responses to midnight at the oasis

  1. Karima says:

    Topaz you were fluid beauty yesterday, “undulating and gyrating” and I saw how we two created magic in a dusty outpost with few opportunities for dreaming of dancing girls like us. I agree.. the crowd that came in was so welcoming and generous and many joined in by dancing(how could they not?.. with Cheb Mami singing and playing his heart out ) I loved it my sister- of -the-sands and hope for our next booking soon.
    in peace,

  2. Camille says:

    Thanks, Karima, for all your encouragement and inspiration. I must say in all honesty that we rocked the house yesterday, and a good deal of the credit goes to you; and, of course, to Cheb Mami, Panjabi MC, Bally Sagoo and many others. True joy and passion unleashed upon the world… what could be a more worthwhile endeavor? Smiles, Camille

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