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There comes a time in every avatar’s life when it’s time to move on. I had been running in neutral, just treading water, for quite some time and wasn’t at all sure what I needed to get back into gear. When I’m in the middle of a painting and it’s not going well, I remove everything extraneous, reduce it to bare bones essentials, step back and think for a while; then I jump in and attack it with renewed fervor. Keepin’ it fresh.

I had been living at Avant Garde, an arts community founded by my good friend Harper Beresford (who also got me my first show at the Ruttan Gallery, btw), for the past couple of years. It was where my days as a virtual gypsy had come to an end. But the original spark was gone; things had changed, new adventures were on the horizon. It was time to pack it in, and start anew.

I was invited to join several other artists at a busy edu sim, and since they were already good friends of mine, it was a no-brainer. There were plans for a new art gallery to be built by one of SL’s best architects as well as some other interesting projects, so there was good reason to jump in at this moment – the beginning of another big project. More details to follow.

This is all to say that my gallery on Avant Garde is now a mere memory. For all those who have visited in the past  and may visit again in the future, the new version should be up and running soon in my new neighborhood; will send you an invitation when it is done.

The photo above was taken last year, right after I had created and installed a new sign above the front doors of the gallery. ‘Cr24’ is the symbol for ‘chromium’ in the periodic table of the elements. Pretty clever, huh?

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