state of flux

I’m so excited to be part of the team here in the wacky, wonderful world of Chrome Underwood, where serendipity rules and the laws of physics are mere suggestions (often overruled), where entropy is in remission, last I heard. I’ll be posting more in future weeks, Mortal willing, and will do my best to add a bit more spice to an already exotic mix. In the meanwhile, this is how Chrome introduced me on the main gallery website the other day; it’ll have to do for now. :)

“Introducing the newest member of our team, Quintessential Flux, self-proclaimed Queen of the Space Pirates, seen here simmering in the cool inner glow of Ciudad de Mexico, a pan-historical role-playing sim designed by architect Patch Thibaud in Second Life. She literally glows in the dark, parks her Levitron 2000X just outside her skyloft when in town, and lives her life in light years. When she’s not busy posing for Chrome’s comic strips she can usually be seen running along the skypath with her dog China White, or practicing her ninja moves in preparation for her next martial challenge.  She’s one of the few avatars who actually sleep at night; hey, she runs hot, so she has to cool down somehow.”

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