High on Art

Funny thing happened on my way to decorum. I was asked to speak to my wife’s Creative Thinking class on Thursday night, and everything was all set to go. The students were to meet at Ruttan Gallery in Second Life at 7pm, and I would use the exhibit of my digital paintings as a springboard to discuss the creative process and ways in which one could unleash one’s own creative energy in any endeavor.

Well, things got off to a pretty good start, but within a few minutes it became clear that a number of students were unable to hear me on voice chat. So, since my wife (their teacher) was in the gallery, and also sitting next to me on the couch in RL, we decided to switch computers – and avatars – she on a Mac and me on a pc. It being a somewhat serious venue until then, it was suddenly transformed into a bit of slapstick comedy.

So, I was walking around the gallery as a female, using a computer I was unfamiliar with, and although my avatar was supposed to be the center of attention, he mostly just stood there. To top it all off, every time I spoke, Zil’s lips would move. The class was in stitches.

But the high point of the evening came when I hit a wrong key on the Mac and my female personna started climbing the wall and believe it or not, managed to sit on top of the painting I was beginning to speak about, adding to its luster. In fact, we all agreed that my/her boots fit right in with the bandoliers hidden in the painting.

This is one of the things I love about Second Life; it’s difficult to take anything too seriously for very long, and it is full of endless surprises, often at your own expense. But it’s all good, and never boring. The students, in fact, thought it was the highlight of the school year. I even think they learned something. Smiles all around.

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