truth one

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  1. jan says:

    Ya–all shadows on the cave wall. Truth is outside the cave altogether. Getting there costs everything we think we know as true ( all the shadows ). Is it better to make more creative shadows in the cave, or at all costs, leave the cave into the unknown no-self?

  2. Chrome says:

    Yes, jan, I would have to agree. Sunlight is worth all the trouble – as scary as it is to leave the comfort of the cave. The truth does set you free, but illusion often looks far more appealing when it arrives.

  3. jan says:

    But then…can one then play in this multifaceted universe, awake, in illusions Seen as such? Guess that must sound a bit like the gravity bound caterpillar projecting what it might be like to fly free as the beautiful butterfly? Or imagined from within the cave, when contemplating the door saying “danger do not open”…escaping the lies and complexities of ego, to sunshine and freedom? Truth….totally self defeating…ya?

  4. Chrome says:

    For me, Jan, truth is not so much a philosophical issue as a personal one; learning the truth about myself actually saved my life when I was a young man. Jung believed, as I do, that everyone has a dark side, a ‘shadow’, and that the only way to become fully human is to become intimately acquainted with the hidden self, to acknowledge it, accept it, and move on. Most people prefer to avoid it though, clinging to the notion that they are good, solid citizens through and through – which, as I learned long ago, is a half truth at best, and a dangerous one at that.

  5. jan says:

    I so resonate with what you said. I have learned that too. It is a blessing to be gifted with the degree of inner devastation/disillusionment which brings one to the point that Truth does indeed become personal….and the fear of not facing it becomes greater than the fear of facing it. You are so right about the self righteous image one can have of ones self which denies this part. This is what stunts growth entirely, and replaces it with illusions, veils and lies.

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