truth two

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  1. Karima says: advice to you is to just dream on it..It’s amazing how the guards of those gates go lax when you are sleeping..some truth might get through

  2. M.E. says:

    Listen to Harold Pinter’s Nobel address, “Art, Truth and Politics.” Easy to find in text form, too:

    I miss Pinter. From what he said, I infer two kinds of truth: the inner, individual kind, and that of the polis. Might be fun to noodle on this. Or not. Whatever.

  3. Chrome says:

    Easy for you to say, Karima; you’re one of the parallel world’s premiere dream weavers, often found surfing on life’s great poetic truths. Dream reality does possess a good deal of power and truth, though, if we are willing to accept it in waking life. Not all of us do, unfortunately.

    Regarding Pinter’s speech, Maeve, for me it would have been far more effective if he had focused more on art and not on politics – a jungle where reasonable, informed beings will always disagree, even on the fundamentals, and often with extreme passion.

    I believe in a universal truth much larger than our own personal opinions; a truth which demands a great deal of those who seek to live in harmony with it, but provides valuable wisdom to those who do.

    All in all, though, I agree; it would be fun to noodle on this, a subject near and dear to my heart. So, noodle on. :)

  4. M.E. says:

    Sorry to have confused, Mick. If I’m thinking about Plato’s “allegory of the cave,” where people were constrained prisoners, and if I decide that they self-enslaved, then Pinter’s use of his Nobel pulpit as counterpoint becomes kinda sorta interesting… Well anyway, wrong venue here. This probably needs dialogue of a more fluid kind than blogging supports… [tiptoes backward toward the half-opened door]. Slog on :)

  5. Chrome says:

    Slog on? I thought we were noodling. :)

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