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Several people have asked me recently whether Persia had disappeared down another rabbit hole following her dramatic introduction to the readers of this blog several weeks ago. I thought it might be a good time to mention some of the goings on behind the scenes, by way of explanation. Not long after she first appeared here another development took place in her virtual life, the onset of a transworld event which quickly took on a life of its own and a few other lives along with it, including Persia’s. The event was a grid wide machinima competition to select the best music video for a new song by an RL Danish band, Giana Factory. Pop Art Lab’s Machinima Expo 2011.

Needless to say, a huge undertaking, and one which actually provided me with the opportunity to collaborate with SL’s great creative team, Douglas Story and Desdemona Enfield, on an interactive invitation, a combination poster and notecard giver. They began by creating the interactive polyhedron which rotates in the center; while I began designing the poster which was to be a virtual frame around it. I was thrown slightly off rhythm at first; I had never designed anything with a large, gaping hole in it; but I love a good challenge. The results of our work can be seen above, in a photo taken in Second Life. You be the judge.

Sooo,,, that is the story of the mysterious disappearance of Persia Bravin. She wasn’t missing at all; she was just moving at warp speed in another part of the metaverse. Stay tuned to this station for news of further sightings.

Pop Art Lab Machinima Expo 2011
Saturday 26th March
2-6pm SLT/PDT

Live web broadcast at:

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