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Well, hell, I guess I’m just slow. Like Chuck Berry, got no particular place to go (see below). It’s been months since the old gallery on the Avant Garde sim was emptied and de-rezzed (or deconstructed, for graduates of the Sorbonne). All this time I’ve been wrapped too tightly in my furry down parka, whipped by a blizzard of data, wandering in the virtual wilderness… well, not quite that bad, but I have been trying to find my way to a new home for my old art, and a showcase for my new art. In the meanwhile, I’ve been busy writing, fiddling with new ways of combining painting and comics, and building my new online gallery.

It was in the building of this gallery, in fact, that.. and, by the way, while I’m thinking of it – if you were badly injured in a car accident, would you want to be taken to a deconstructionist hospital? Just think about that for a while. At any rate, I was trying to come up with a byline for the new gallery that would capture the meaning of my work in a few words and suddenly, Art from Inner Space popped into my head. This not only captured my whole approach to art, but it began to open up new vistas for future work, and… this is the part that is relevant to the point at hand….. it provided me with a clue to the style of the new virtual gallery building.

As it turns out, my work belongs in space, the fantasy kind of space, the space that dreams are made of, and far flung epic tales are set in. It belongs with droids and death stars and hover cars. In fact, it looks right at home in a well-lit rocket hangar, complete with vehicle lifts and take off and landing runways on the roof. It would look even better with a bunch of rocket jocks and their babes hanging around the lounge, waiting for the next mission; but in the meanwhile, the Inner Space Art Gallery is the hangout for my work. Opening event and future missions to be announced.

(photo, above: Camille visits the new inner space gallery; click image to enlarge)

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2 Responses to art from inner space

  1. Karima says:

    Well I snuck a peek at your new gallery while under construction and I think it totally suits, both your Art and your logo “Art from inner space” Indeed! I will be content to just mill and get lost in the color magic of your paintings and maybe oogle a few “rocket jocks” who might have just flown in (well a girl can dream:) I can imagine Q. Flux will be a regular herself, and the idea of what you will paint next is both exciting and teasingly inspirational. I of course will have to get just the right outfit for the opening and I am staying tuned…to when that might be. Congratulations on your beautiful, high tech, low gravity new “digs” Now time to create some new inner space beauty for your visitors!!

  2. Chrome says:

    Thanks, Karima.
    ‘high tech, low gravity digs’ – only a poet from inner space could come up with that one; gonna file it in my little silver box ‘n drag it out at the perfect moment, if that’s alright with you. Your appreciation is much appreciated, btw, and will help me as I embark on my next mission: to try to fill the next hangar with some new space junk….. I mean, art, of course; I’m already starting to talk like a rocket jock. :)

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