entertaining angels

Sitting by the fire

by Mick Brady

Once upon a time there was an artist so immersed in his work that he often woke up in front of the canvas he’d been working on the night before and stood silently, a cup of coffee in one hand and a Murray’s bagel in the other, trying to pick up the thread of inspiration he had been following before he fell asleep. The medium itself was direct and simple; it was somewhere between the heart and the canvas where it got tricky.

That was me, waxing nostalgic about simpler times when I was back in my studio in New York, and only had a painting in front of me to wrestle with. To be honest, I miss those days, but I still wouldn’t trade them for the worlds I’m living in today where my studio is virtual and my work digital, where I juggle media like so many Matisse apples. The challenge for me has been to find a way to fuse these elements into a coherent body of thought with a single overarching narrative. I must admit I’ve gotten lost at times; it’s been like trying to harness a team of wild mustangs to pull a wagon load of antique china.

So, in order to simplify things, I decided to return to my half-completed memoir and use it as an opportunity to try to understand the bigger picture: what did I set out to do, and have I gotten any closer to accomplishing it? In the process of writing it I began to see that there actually was a discernible narrative and purpose, and that Chrome was now at the center of it, perhaps the culmination of it in some ways. He plays a big part in the memoir, for instance, as a timeless figure, an older and wiser me who floats in and out of the narrative like a one-man Greek chorus.

The image above is a teaser; a lead-in to my latest comic strip, the first in over nine months; a small vignette in which Chrome begins to share some of the insights I gained over my long journey through the world. In a sense, he’s not only an extension of my self, but a wise and friendly guide leading me safely through the reliving of my own story. The creative mind is an amazing thing to behold, huh? Just sayin’. :)

Read the new comic strip here.


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2 Responses to entertaining angels

  1. Karima says:

    Chrome, I left a comment yesterday below the very well done Comic and congratulations on this one!! I know it is after your vacation from the Comic art form for 9 months, so it was the perfect re-entry I think. Unfortunately your website ate it, as it is not there, so I will try to rephrase it here under your “teaser” Lucky Camille! She is privilege to all the ramblings and memories of a wise avatar looking back over his life as a real life man, and that man she obviously and clearly feels and gets. The whole Comic was just so good. The play on the word “man”, Camille’s great input on that one (Yes..she should know) and also how relative Truth is..In some ways most of what we perceive as hard facts are really changing perceptions and attitudes.. As I said below the one of your book cover..this book I am really looking forward to read. Meanwhile, I will be an invisible listener at fireside, hearing you share with Camille, your life and its origins in another distant world. Looking forward to the next installment…

  2. Chrome says:

    Thanks, Karima. Not sure what happened to the comments feature over there, but will send my mortal over to check it out asap. Glad you liked my re-entry, and I have to agree; the time was right for me to assume my new role as intermediary, commentator, Greek chorus – whatever it is – in response to the increased focus on the larger narrative brought about by the memoir. Hell, I had nothing to do anyway; I was just sitting around polishing my rocket plane. :)
    I also agree that Truth is a slippery thing, but would add that for some of us there are moments when accepting it or denying it can mean the difference between life and death. I have a feeling that there might be a few of those moments in this memoir; hope I can live up to them. Looking forward to those fireside chats… :)

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