in living colour: Fiona Leitner

By Persia Bravin

Dutch artist Fiona Leitner is a woman who glorifies colour in her work. Her exuberant, vivid, and usually massive canvases feature multi-layered composite snapshots of SecondLife™ locations and sculptures which are almost rendered unrecognisable due to heavy post-processing and filter work in Photoshop. The end result is spectacular, eye-catching and most certainly-mood enhancing. Having a bad day in real life? Need an intense shot of feel good factor? Then Fiona’s vibrant work will act as the perfect antidote to the blues.

Her latest exhibition recently went on display at the legendary PRAKA Fine Arts Gallery which has earned itself a solid reputation for displaying the works of pioneering SL artists. “I am happy to be able to show here,” smiles Fiona, as she reveals a freshly created piece. “They offered me 3 huge spaces to fill, so…. that is always a challenge. When I was first asked I thought it would be just one room so I promised to show all new work. But now that I have three to fill, I am working my butt off to keep up to that promise,” she adds, laughing.

Comprising mostly abstract shapes, with sharply defined details set against swathes of intense colour, Fiona’s work has drawn huge praise for her unique style and technical abilities, but what does she enjoy the most about creating art pieces within Second Life? “SL is a great test platform for me,” she admits, as we walk across the huge gallery floor. “I can see how people react to my images and I can make a relatively low resolution image look like it is a giant museum piece – that is a kick for me.”

Like most artists, Fiona is reticent about her own talents and thinks carefully when I ask why people should visit this new exhibit. “I think if you enjoy abstract, colourful images it could be well worth ten minutes of your time,” she says modestly. “Sledge Roffo and Gitu Aura have some great work up in the rooms beside mine too. I feel I show my random, mental landscapes – like I am scanning the unseen and turning them into eye candy to be enjoyed by everyone!” Very delicious they are too, Fiona.

See Fiona Leitner’s latest work at the PRAKA Fine Arts Gallery

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2 Responses to in living colour: Fiona Leitner

  1. Fiona’s work is always a feast to my eyes. Her color and depth work are amazing; the canvases seem like stained glass windows or dream fragments. Her technique is masterful.

  2. Chrome says:

    Yes, I agree completely, Miso. As a photoshopaholic myself, I know how difficult it is to create works of authentic power and originality in that medium; the temptation to make ‘instant art’ is all around you in the form of filters and various other push-button effects. Fiona invariably resists all those shortcuts, however, and rides each painting to its glorious, mouth-watering conclusion. More power to her. :)

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