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My Very First Exhibit in Second Life

By Chrome Underwood

Strange how things happen. I had been asked to move my studio and gallery to make room for a So-Cal college consortium that was about to join the Santa Barbara City College education community inworld, and since I’m an ‘artist-in-residence’, I didn’t have a whole lot of say in the decision. I began looking around the neighborhood for a new location, to be nestled somewhere in between my neighbors Maya Paris, Douglas Story and Desdemona Enfield.

In the process of searching the campus, though, I came upon an amazing sight: my very first exhibit in SL, still standing exactly as it had been several years before. It was a selection of photos, the essence of a half year spent wandering the metaverse as a gypsy photographer. Just a few weeks earlier, I had stumbled upon the photos I had taken as it was being built by my old friend Sal Morales. A flood of virtual memories came washing over me. My, how time flies; especially for an avatar.

How long have I been in this world? Almost four years now. Sixteen in Linden Time; four in Earth Time. Hell, that’s how long it took Mick to get his Bachelor’s degree! But what will I have gotten out of my four years in Second Life? A Master of Virtual Arts degree, perhaps, with a major in Virtual Identity and a minor in International Consciousness.

But it does look like a kind of turning point for me; my work has come full circle and I’m now fully engaged in bringing it out into the world. I’ve been working on my half of the upcoming double memoir, The Edge of Everything, which tells the harrowing tale of my better half as he walked the glowing coals of planet earth. My adventures as a wandering gypsy and then a working artist will round out the story and provide a much-needed happy ending. Mick owes me one for that.


Photo, top: Chrome standing at the site of his first exhibit at the Santa Barbara City College campus in Second Life.

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