a bunny tale

Don’t get around much anymore, either in the real or the virtual worlds; I seem to be  under a kind of self-imposed house arrest (self-induced hypnosis?) til I finish my memoir, which may be at least another month or two. In the meanwhile, virtual life goes on within me and without me. I do miss hanging out with my virtual friends, though, and am determined to break away from writing a bit more often to do that very thing. A man can’t live on words alone.

So I decided to celebrate my fourth rez day recently by dropping in on Help Island Public, the place where it all began for me as an avatar. For the first year or so that was my landing spot whenever I logged in, so I thought I might stop by and chat with old friends. But, alas, I didn’t recognize a single virtual soul. Kind of sad, really, like going back to your home town and discovering everyone you knew had either died or moved on. The transitory nature of existence, I guess.

But while I was there I spotted a most amazing avatar, a big stuffed rabbit with button eyes that apparently had captured everyone else’s attention as well, because the group chat was all about mesh. I suddenly realized that this was the first example of a mesh build I had seen and to be honest, it blew me away. In the photo above, you can see the classic avatar build in the avis to the left, and the amazing detail in the rabbit on the right. Click  photo for closeup view.

Kind of ironic that I happened to witness the future while celebrating the past. I have no doubt after seeing this that mesh will change the landscape in a very short time, so much so that by the time I’m five, I’m sure I’ll have a lot more than a stuffed rabbit to play with. The rabbit avatar is called Flufee, btw, made by Loki Dancer and available from Dirty Lynx, a part of Bytegang in Second Life.

Watch the video trailer from Dirty Lynx:

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