In the Midnight Hour

Being one of the lesser gods – that is, one with a full array of superpowers who chooses to use them in the service of exploration, observation and discovery – I spend a good deal of time wandering in the dark. You see, there are surprises waiting, in the midnight hour, for those who have eyes to see… . There is the magic of moonlight, of course; stars dancing among the clouds, the earthy radiance of an occasional wood nymph or satyr – but what often goes unnoticed are the little things… once the sun has faded and that rich darkness descends, otherwise ordinary objects begin to display their magical qualities; qualities hidden by the harsh light of day.

I was diverted to an unknown sim on my way to meet a friend recently, and, since I love surprises and consider no event coincidental, I decided to stick around and have a look-see. It was a small island with little evidence of any living, breathing avatar activity; it appeared to be a docking facility of some sort for a fleet of airships and sailing vessels. Several dirigibles, for instance, could be seen scattered across the sky, gloriously decked out in the best Steampunk style I had seen in some time.

After close inspection of one of these weightless beauties, I descended to the deck of an immense three-masted schooner sitting dockside below, and upon landing, noticed a full-sized swimming pool on deck. Under a pitch black sky, I slipped beneath the surface of the glowing pool, swam underwater to one of several colorful floating tubes, and drifted up and into the center of a perfect circle. A moment of solitude, a perfect meditation, a brief encounter with the center of the universe.

My virtual friend didn’t mind a bit. She, too, was delayed; she had been deep in conversation with several dolphins she had met while wandering the bottom of the ocean.

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