Art Cube Opens at Locus Island


The virtual world’s very first art cube, a space in which a single two-dimensional painting surrounds the viewer from every angle, has been installed at Locus Island, the new sim designed and built by the acclaimed Second Life Architect, DB Bailey. The art cube idea came about, as I mentioned in earlier posts, as a way of creating a background setting for a new body of work based on Second Life imagery for my upcoming show in Berlin. Having been a digital artist in RL for a number of years, and having spent the last few years wandering SL and writing about it, I wanted to have a transitional approach, a bridge if you will, to the new work. Thus, the cube. (see photos in previous post)

The new installation is in a key location just off the landing plaza, next door to Douglas Story‘s latest opus, FlowerBall. The cube will serve as a rotating gallery for my digital work, with a new painting installed every month or so; the current work entitled Cameo). DB built the entire sim over the past few months as an experiment in art and architecture, blending commerce and culture in a setting which at times defies the imagination, pushing the limits of the urban experience into a dazzling blend of elements ranging from classical to the surreal, and, at times, to places and spaces that have yet to have names or labels attached to them. We’ll leave that to the historians of the future.

Drop in and take a look at the new cube, and while you’re there, walk, fly, run, swim and whatever else you have to do to see the sights at Locus Island, using the slurl below. It’s a trip.

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