holding pattern

OK. This is it. Seems innocent enough; simple enough. Yeah, no biggie. But it is important in several ways. One, it is a digital capture of a digital being, subsequently digitally processed with the full intent of capturing the humanity of this fetching sylph, like Toulouse-Lautrec in the Moulin Rouge. Searching for a soul, the ghost in the machine. The avatar is an artwork in itself, remember, brought to virtual life by human hands, then kneaded, molded and tweaked by its resident, its inhabitant soul. This is the life force in its latest evolutionary incarnation. It is artificial, just like reality. It is real only because we believe.

Oh yeah. It’s also the first ‘serious’ art work I’ve attempted in three years. I was curious to see where I’d land when I jumped back in, having spent a good part of the last year and a half in Second Life, studying the curious pixelated life forms there. Ironically, though, I find myself back at the beginning. I began as a painter in the Post-Pop era in New York, and had a very simple but powerful graphic style back then. So, I return to my roots, and find that they have become virtual.

Click on image to see enlarged version.

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