Hey! Godzilla Stole My Brand!!!

Nande sonna koto dekiru no!! Say it ain’t so, Joe!! I woke up yesterday to learn that Google has launched a new….. hey, wait a minute.. how is that even possible if I never sleep? Let’s try that again….

Nande sonna koto dekiru no!! Say it ain’t so, Joe!! I discovered yesterday that Google has launched a new web browser,and they’ve stolen my brand name!! Can you say ‘copyright infringement’? Can you say ‘personal violation’?

As you can tell, I’m more than a little ticked that this corporate Godzilla would come stomping through my virtual world, reach down into my studio, and rip this carefully nurtured, iconic logos out of my hands, dragging it off into the world to do with it what they will.

Nevermind how it might effect the sterling fellow who’s been wandering the metaverse, building a pretty colorful reputation for himself for over a year now. Who the hell cares? Certainly not Godzilla. I feel a bit like Raymond Burr as he was being carried into the emergency room, with Tokyo lying in ruins just outside the door.

It’s been clear for some time now that Google wants to rule the world (wide web); and lo, in the midst of the battle they bring forth Chrome, their latest weapon of mass destruction, in hopes of finally crushing the main competition, Internet Explorer and Firefox, under their giant, mutated dinosaur heel. Of course, on the other hand, I can certainly understand why they would want to steal from me. But that don’t make it right.

I’ll take some time off today to decide whether or not to sue for infringement of intellectual property rights; but in the meanwhile, I’ll try to keep an eye on my stats, just to see how many googlemaniacs wind up on my property by mistake. Could be good. Could be very good.

(Btw, that Japanese phrase up there at the top means, How could you!!!)

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  1. Sal Morales says:

    Name infringement, yup. I had nearly the same thought when I read about Google’s new browser. But this what happens when you know people who know people who end up sitting on the same panel with one of Google’s chief software architects. Someone’s been blabbing your name a little too loosely I would say.

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