Speaking of worthy causes……..


Freereed FreeNote, director of the Newggenheim Museum in Second Life, has announced that a big fundraising event for the museum will be held next Sunday, March 29th. To quote from the press release, the event “will feature new pieces by RL and SL artist (and NY Times celebrity), Filthy Fluno, in his continuing series “Adventures in a Virtual World” as well as wonderful new works by RL/SL artist Chrome Underwood from his new series “Soul Jam for the New Millenium”. The special event will run from 2 pm to 6:30 pm SLT with music for your listening, browsing and dancing pleasure DJs Chrighton Johin of the Savoy Jazz: 2:00 to 3:30 PM SLT, Ganymede Ceriaptrix of Savoy Jazz 3:30 to 5:00 PM SLT and Fumuzi Kanjon of Hot Sax Jazz Club 5:00 t0 6:30 PM SLT. Prizes Awarded for Best Costume at 6:30 PM

The Fundraiser will help cover the cost of keeping the Newggenheim – a fully functional, interactive museum with exhibitions by contemporary RL artists – alive in SL. The Newggenheim’s design is based a three dimensional model from the actual architectural plans of the RL Guggenheim Museum in New York City. In operation for 15 months in SL,the museum was created to provide an educational and cultural focus point in SL. In addition to mounting shows by RL/SL artists during that time, the Newggenheim has raised money for the Red Cross and the Henry Hippen Education Fund through art auctions. The Museum was also proud to participate in last year’s Diegoland float parade, where its float, designed and built by Dresden Dagger, captured the “Most Artistic” prize.”

I can’t think of a more worthy cause than contributing to the future of the Newggenheim in Second Life. The long range effects of Ms. Freenote’s selfess efforts on behalf of countless RL and SL artists cannot yet be fully measured, but if the recent six-page article in the New York Times about one of those artists, Filthy Fluno, is any measure, I think it is safe to say that her work will not go unnoticed. I also believe that it should not only be acknowledged, but rewarded – in kind. Please support this most worthy of causes.

All you kind, art-loving avatars out there can find “the newg” at http://slurl.com/secondlife/Moondust/121/81/113

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  1. ahh chromey, thank you…. i must say that filthy’s six page spread new york times was marvelous… but i had nothing to do with it… other than being a member of his collectors and fan base. elizabeth barret browning said “a wish is as good as a prayer when yer in good with god” er somethin to that effect… and i am over the moon when the artists i promote get the media attention and sales they deserve…. and it just gets better@!

  2. Chrome says:

    …and may you, too, ms. Freenote, become one of those artists you promote so lovingly and get all the media attention and sales you deserve; then I can jump over the moon with ya. :)

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