It’s more fun to make art than to try to define it


I was asked to to speak last month at a roundtable forum on the arts in SL at Montclair State University in SL, and was surprised to learn upon arrival that we would all be seated at a round table! I had thought that it was by now just a figure of speech, but this one was not only very round, but had the unique quality of growing larger and adding more seats as more participants arrived. Very SL. I say all this only to lead up to the main topic of discussion here, which is the idea behind my latest painting, called machinima, a detail from which is shown, above.

After a brief presentation, this erudite crowd of artists and educators took off on a roller coaster ride of intellectual thrills and chills, doing their best to thread the needle of “arts in a virtual world.” Inevitably, the discussion turned to the place of machinima in the pantheon of new media genres; in fact, there was a protracted analysis of its relevance and worth as an art medium.

Not really having much of anything to say on the subject, I took advantage of a pause in the blazing fire of text climbing up my screen, and dropped my own little hand grenade into the melee: I prefer to take a single moment and slice it up into a million little pieces so that I can look at it from a lot of angles at the same time. Ya coulda heard a pin drop, or at least read about it if one had fallen. Didn’t mean to stop the smackdown like that, but hey…..

My new painting, called machinima, oddly enough, consists of five rows of five images each, all shots of Juliette dancing. Naked, of course. I picked out an illustrative segment to go with this post because the entire image would be lost in such a small space. But you get the idea. All in preparation for the upcoming show at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

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  1. Chrome! It was great having you at the roundtable… Thank you thank you so much!

    I love the new piece there! And good luck with your show at the Santa Barbara Museum!

  2. Chrome says:

    Hey, Anthony, thanks for the invite! It was a great experience, even though I felt I was in the deep end of the pool there for a little while. But, hey, look what came out of it… I finally got to make my own machinima. :)

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