I dreamed I met this architect in Cairo last night


It was an odd sort of night to begin with… hadn’t had a very good day at all, in fact; hanging by my fingernails awaiting word from the Santa Barbara Museum on whether they’ll host our digital art exhibit this summer, plus a lot of other kitchen appliances, concrete blocks and other dangerous objects coming at me from every direction. Like I said, not a great day all in all. By the time night fell, so did I; completely exhausted by the day’s events, and in spite of the legend in the title of this site to uphold, I stumbled into bed and fell rather quickly into a deep sleep.¬†It didn’t last long, though, and I soon was wide awake, staring at the ceiling. It was midnight. I had the whole damn, churning, burning night ahead of me.

Rather than stare at the ceiling, though, I thought I might as well enjoy my waking hours; after all, midnight in America is just another noon in Rangoon. I cracked open my laptop and logged into Second Life. Not having the energy or the clarity of mind to do much else, I thought I’d clean up the old studio. Things had gotten out of hand in there, and I thought it might be nice to wake up to a spanking clean workplace in the, ummm, morning.

Then, blam, an IM out of nowhere: Hey, Chrome; what are you doing? You busy? It was my good friend, DB Bailey.

Well, not real busy, DB; kind of a make busy whaddayado-in-the-middle-of-the-night sort of busy. Why? What you up to?

Now, I knew he was in Cairo, Egypt at the moment, designing a new billion-dollar multi-use complex in the desert for some Egyptian sheiks. Of course, I also knew he also did much of his designing in Second Life, so when he asked me if I wanted to come over and see what he was building I leaped into my magic teleporter and scooted on over there.

Holy Mecca! This was a build to behold. It sprawled across the blazing desert, filled with shops, multiplex theaters, hotels, markets, you name it. Since I couldn’t take it all in just by wandering around the place, DB summoned his Egyptian assistant, who flew off to the main office to retrieve the master plan; as soon as she landed, he rezzed it up for me. Amazing. Astounding. Immense.

Another interesting note to finish off this dream: DB told me that he had arranged for his clients to come into SL, get their avatars and a bit of basic training, and then he took them all on a tour of the masterpiece he had created. They wandered around, a bit stunned, looking into every doorway, staring up at every palm tree, examining every authentic regional ceramic tile. They were inside the magical version of the complex that would soon be teeming with people in the “real world.” What a dream; even¬†though no one’ll believe it, thought I’d tell it anyway.

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